Aberle Films has created or been involved in many projects for TV, movies, promotional and educational films. Take a look at some of our work.
Donkey Ollie
Aberle Films has wrapped pre-production on three feature length animated films based on Brian Stewart’s series of audio stories about a young talking donkey living 2000 years ago.

The first feature, “Shipwrecked”, has won numerious awards, as has the second feature "Exodus to Egypt". The third feature "Circus Maximus" is finishing post-production and will be released in 2009. See a sneak preview of Shipwrecked:

For more information about Donkey Ollie, take a look at www.donkeyollie.com.

Raveled is our current production, with completed scripts that are ready to be filmed. Three sample episodes of this unique blend of digital effects and sock puppets and strong stories are now available. For more information and several clips from the shows, go to the Raveled website at www.raveled.biz.
Earth Stories
Earth Stories: Paleontology is the first in a planned series of educational children’s films dealing with the Earth and it’s history and the life forms that have inhabited it, both past and present. Chip the Rock Hammer guides the viewer through these informative adventures with wit and humor, making seemingly difficult subjects simple and easy to understand. Doug Aberle directed and co-wrote with Scott Doniger of Mazon Productions. Animation and character design are by Aberle Films.

What if you could log onto telescopes all over the world, anytime you wanted, without leaving your home? This promotional video outlines just such a proposal. Using a combination of live action and digital effects, this 14 minute video promotes the installation of hundreds of telescopes all over the world, to be used by astronomers, educators, businesses; anyone who logs on. Anyone.

For more information, contact www.e-o-n.com.

The crew at Aberle Films has a wide variety of talents and experience working on commercial productions, both for Aberle Films and with other companies. Clients include:

Chilis, Smithsonian, Mitsubishi, Warners, Disney, Hardee’s, KFC, Kraft, Domino’s Pizza, UPS, Nabisco, California Raisins and many more.

Proposed Projects
Currently in development, this animated TV series for kids presents the information about the planets and beyond in a clever and enjoyable manner. Travel with our eleven year old host Wendel in each 30 minute episode as he will explore a different region of space, from the center of our sun to the farthest reaches of the universe.

For extended information about Space!, click here.

Keeping a Float

This is the story of people; people who freely volunteer their time and energy and sweat and sometimes even blood to compete in a major parade against full-time professional float builders. The other guys may have enormous budgets, but the Battle Ground volunteers have the heart.

We chronicle the joys, arguing, laughter, fights and just plain craziness that happens in the course of trying to get the float out the door. Literally.

Read more on the Keeping a Float webpage.

Travels with Rich
“Travels with Rich” will be a half-hour travel documentary series like no other as Rich, with 23 years of experience in the travel industry, guides us across each of America’s highways and byways from one end to the other, visiting places you may not have thought existed…museums and restaurants and coffee shops and roadside attractions that may not be on the beaten path. Rich’s acerbic wit and charm highlight each journey, punctuated by informative yet humorous animated maps.

The Higgins Chronicles
Prepare yourself for a tongue-in-cheek adventure through space as our young hero Grant Higgins battles aliens made of clay who are attacking the moon in an attempt to steal it’s sand. Don’t try to make too much sense of it; the story is being told by a 98 year-old man, in 1969, who claims to be Grant Higgins himself! It is a madcap fantasy/adventure feature film that can easily spin off into a TV series.

For more information, visit the Higgins Website.