In the Living Room#1- In the Living Room

While Dad reads his newspaper, Junior tries
to explain that the world may be more than the
cardboard and hot glue reality they have known.

Why are we here?#2- Why are we here?

Junior becomes frustrated with Dad's inability
to see what is strange about their world, like
the screw holding his foot to the floor.

A Beautiful Sun Shiney Day#3- A Beautiful Sun Shiney Day

Dad begins to slowly understand what Junior
is talking about.

Oooops!#4- Oooops!

Dad's new-found abilities to control his
enviroment take a nasty turn.

Stepped in it...#5- Stepped in it...

As they cross the line of their neighborhood
and atep into the real world, Junior doesn't
watch where he is going.

Dad must see what is beyond...#6- Dad must see what is beyond...

Dad has burned his butt, electrocuted himself
and suffered many other indignities, but still
he is driven to find out "what is beyond..."