Wire We Here



Welcome to a comic parody of our modern search for our creator. Two characters, made completely out of pipe cleaners and totally unaware that they are being controlled by outside forces, gradually begin to realise that there might be more to their existence than the cardboard world they inhabit.

Should they cross the edge of the set and risk losing verything they have known and loved, simply to find out "who did all this?".


ProducersDoug Aberle
Scott Sundholm
DirectorDoug Aberle
WriterDoug Aberle
AnimatorsDoug Aberle
Kyle Bell
Matt Isakson
Tracy Larson
Alex Aberle
Webster Colcord
Tim Tanner
VoicesDad- Doug Aberle
Junior- Doug Aberle
Animator- John Ashlee Pratt
Music and Sound DesignJamie Haggerty
EditingScott Sundholm
Set and Character DesignDoug Aberle
Set ConstructionDoug Aberle
Kyle Bell
Matt Isakson
Tim Tanner
Jim McAllister
Scott Sundholm
Alex Aberle
Kathy Aberle
Adam Aberle
Hilary Aberle
Camera Support DevicesJamie Haggerty
Film ServicesAlpha Cine, Inc
Teknifilm Labs, Inc.
AcknowledgmentsJohn Ashlee Pratt
Charlie Rehwalt
Gary McRobert
Sheila Lucas
Tom Sheft
Webster & Shawna Colcord
The Aberle Family
Will Vinton Studios
Richard Malinowski