Bringing Home the Tree#1- Bringing Home the Tree

Dad brings the Christmas Tree home, but there
is one problem: Nobody likes it.

The Tree Falls Apart#2- The Tree Falls Apart

The tree falls apart, and Junior tries to
put it back together, but it doesn't work.

Dad is Depressed#3- Dad is Depressed

The tree is destroyed, the family is upset, and
the house is filled with smoke. What a perfect

They Build a New Tree#4- They Build a New Tree

Dad and Junior decide to work together to
build a new Christmas Tree all by themselves.

Dad Paints it#5- Dad Paints it

After the tree is cut out, Dad gets out the
paint and spreads it on both halves of the
cardboard tree.

The Tree is Almost Done#6- The Tree is Almost Done

Dad stands the tree up and needs Junior's help
to put the two halves together, but Junior
found the gold stars.