Wired for the Holidays



What makes the holiday season truly special? Lights? Cards? A crushed tree? The house on fire? A crash into the neighbor's door with head?

While the Pipe Cleaner Family tries to enjoy the Christmas season, Dad insists on re-creating the holiday exactly as he remembered it as a boy, forcing his traditions on everyone else with disasterously comic results.


ProducersDoug Aberle
Scott Sundholm
DirectorDoug Aberle
WriterDoug Aberle
AnimatorsDoug Aberle
Robin Ator
Alex Aberle
VoicesDad- Doug Aberle
Junior- Doug Aberle
Mom- Bonny Metoxen
Sis- Bonny Metoxen
Baby- Bonny Metoxen
Music and Sound DesignJamie Haggerty
EditingScott Sundholm
Set and Character DesignDoug Aberle
Camera Support DevicesJamie Haggerty
additional facilities and equipmentRay DiCarlo
Will Vinton Studios
Film ServicesAlpha Cine, Inc
Teknifilm Labs, Inc.
AcknowledgmentsJohn Ashlee Pratt
Geno Foster
Lisa Rowan
Ray DiCarlo
Scott Doniger
Jay Doniger
Kyle Bell
Tom Sheft
The Aberle Family
Will Vinton Studios
Veronica Nordeen
Dr. Dumont Staatz
Mrs. Marian Staatz