The Dirt on Mom#1- The Dirt on Mom

Welcome to Mom's wonderful world of
archeology, where screwdrivers and pipe
cleaners become relics of the past.

The Digging Begins#2- The Digging Begins

Mom the archeologist is ready to go digging
and exploring, and this time she doesn't have
to go any farther than her own back door.

The Site in the Backyard#3- The Site in the Backyard

Mom, with the help of the kids, has dug an
archeological site in the backyard. They have
just unearthed some relic of an age long past.

Mom's Discovery#4- Mom's Discovery

Mom shows Dad her greatest discovery: the bones
of a Gigantapithicus, right in their own back
yard. Dad is less than impressed.

Confrontation#5- Confrontation

Mom and Dad try to talk calmly while Edith and
Edna watch, but you just know someone is
going to end up with that shovel in his face.

Baby Shower#6- Baby Shower

Dad tries his hand at digging in the front
yard, with less-than-spectacular results.