Dad Crosses the Street#1- Dad Crosses the Street

Dad has found the perfect flowers for
Mothers Day. Now all he has to do is
get them across the street intact...

Giant Bird!#2- Giant Bird!

Suddenly a giant bird grasps the flowers and
flies off, with Dad in tow.

Dad in Nest#3- Dad in Nest

Dad finds himself in the bird's nest, high
atop a light stand, beyond the animation set
where he lives.

Dad Escapes!#4- Dad Escapes!

Dad jumps (falls, actually) from the nest
and then sides down the light's electrical
cord to freedom!

Flowers Wilted#5- Flowers Wilted

When Dad finally gets to the front door to
present the flowers to Mom, he notices that
they don't look quite the same...

Love without Flowers#6- Love without Flowers

Okay, so they hug. This still differs from
the actual shot in the film. If I told you
how, it would give away the ending!