Technical Details:

Completed July, 1996
4min 15 sec.

Notes from Doug:

By the fall of 1995, I had two more stories I wanted to do with Fluffy; "Fluffy's Brain" and "Fluffy's Trip". I wrote and shot reference film for both, concentrating on "Fluffy's Brain" as the first one to tackle. Unlike the first "Fluffy", this dealt more with the nature of communication, and how it's so easy to screw everything up. Suppose you CAN solve all the world's problems. How do you get that idea across when all you can do is bark?

Martin Hash again generously agreed to supply the software (Animation Master) and animators (Tracy Larson, Galen Beals), and again each frame was printed out and then filmed in 35mm (see the FLUFFY listing for details), to be completed in June of 96'.

I have a certain fondness for this film because we tried something different from the expected sequel. Unfortunately, "Fluffy's Brain" was somewhat buried by the fact that I unexpectedly became so busy making the new pipe cleaner films. It needed to be better promoted, but I just ran out of time. I think that when I finish the third Fluffy (even grosser than the first), then all three films can be seen together and their natural progression will be evident.