Why do dogs behave the way they do? Why aren't dogs more like cats? Is it true they don't, as a species, have a brain in their head?

FLUFFY answers none of the questions, but recounts the events, based on a true story, of why you really shouldn't be kissed by a dog. It is a delightfully funny parody filled with the true joy of dog ownership.


ProducerDoug Aberle
DirectorDoug Aberle
WriterDoug Aberle
AnimatorsTracy Larson
Galen Beals
Additional AnimationDoug Aberle
Cabbott Sanders
Animation Software
EditorTom Sheft
CameraTom Sheft
Halle Hennessey
MusicJon Newton
ThemeDoug Aberle
Set and Character DesignRobin Ator
Doug Aberle
Storyboard ArtistRobin Ator
Rendering & PrintingWill Pickering
Sound MixingJamie Haggerty
Music MixingMichael Bard
Sound RecordingTom Sheft
Steven Carpenter
TitlesMarilyn Zornado
VocalizationsScott Sundholm
Reference ActorDoug Aberle
Reference DogLucy Aberle
AcknowledgmentsHash, Inc.
Will Vinton Studios
Randy Croucher
Kyle Bell
Bob Croucher
Sandy Sycafoose
Matthew Brunner
Bruce Rogers
Gary McRobert
Alpha Cine, Inc
Teknifilm Labs, Inc.
Martin Hash
Joel Brinkerhoff
Juli Chin
Jim McAllister
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The Aberle Family Singers