Aberle Films is a television and motion picture production company located a few miles north of Portland, Oregon. We specialize in both computer and stop-motion animation, with a strong emphasis on character development and humor. Our skills also extend to live action and special effects.

We have a core group of highly talented people. Here are some of them:

Doug Aberle, Co-Founder and Director

Doug is co-owner of Aberle Films and has been making films since he was a teenager. Doug's background is in animation, having spent 18 years as an animator and director at Will Vinton Studios in Portland, Oregon. Projects ranged from the Oscar nominated Disney feature film "Return to OZ" and the Emmy award winning CBS TV special "Claymation Christmas Celebration", to directing episodes of the Emmy nominated stop-motion prime time TV series "Gary & Mike" for UPN. He has directed commercials for Hallmark, UPS, M&Mís, Chiliís and Clorox, and has received international accolades for his animated short films under Aberle Films, including "Fluffy" (1995), about the frantic antics of a computer-animated dog, was first screened in the Electronic Theatre at Siggraph in 1995, and went on to win numerous awards at film festivals around the world. Recently he has been directing three animated feature films still awaiting release, and has created a new TV Series called "Raveled", which is currently in pre-production.

Michael McKinney, designer

Michael is a true Renaissance man. Designer, artist, nature lover, animator and teacher, he is one of a handful of people that understands the complex process of clay animation, yet believes that the process of animation lends itself to almost any material and style. While an animator at Will Vinton Studios he worked on numerous award-winning projects, including the CBS TV specials "Claymation Christmas Celebration" and "Meet the Raisins". He was the character designer for both the "Shipwrecked" feature animated film and the "Raveled" TV series for Aberle Films. Michaelís work includes a short film that he designed, directed and animated for the Smithsonian Institution's "Life in Ancient Seas" exhibition that remains part of that permanent installation. He has also lectured at the Smithsonian on the nature of animation. He is currently authoring and illustrating several children's books.

Alex Aberle, Editor and Special Effects Director

Alex has been a part of Aberle Films since it first formed over 10 years ago. Along with his numerous contributions in concept development and script reviewing, Alex is an accomplished editor and digital effects artist, having created over 150 effects so far for the "Raveled" TV program. He also provides voices for several key characters.

Rich Rubin, Music and Promotion

Since 2002 Rich Rubin has supplied music for various Aberle Films productions ranging from a childrensí film on Paleontology to the "Raveled" series. His ability to jump seamlessly from one style to another has enriched all the productions on which he has worked. He is also involved in developing concepts and promotional work, as well as supplying several key voices for "Raveled" and other productions.

Katherine S. Aberle, Co-Founder

Kathy is co-founder of Aberle Films and has provided many conceptual ideas and storylines to numerous productions. She is an accomplished writer, having received the Kay Snow Award from the Willamette Writers Guild in 2005 for her Novel "The Ring of Silver". Kathy also built the puppets for "Raveled", and provided the voice for one of the key characters.

Greg Higgins, Production Coordinator

Greg has provided his services as production coordinator for Aberle Films for the past few years on productions ranging from the Donkey Ollie series of animated feature films to the demo episodes produced for "Raveled". He is an accomplished Photoshop artist, providing imagery for many of our productions, including the unique Thoolian language used for the attacking aliens on "Raveled".